Monday, August 9, 2010

Use Your Fear To Empower Yourself!

Are you afraid of Public Speaking?
You can make use of your fear. I am not kidding. I am being realistic. fear is something that holds you from acting. Fear of public speaking is consideres to be one of the worst fears a man or woman can suffer. How can you make that kind of a fear to empower you.
Just recall the times you were gripped with fear. What did you do during those times? If you recall real incidents, you will remember that you took extra care in doing what you had to do.
Ø      If you were afraid of examinations, you studied more. 
Ø      If you had the fear of rejection when you asked your girl for your first date, you planned, rehearsed and perfected your approach.
Ø      History will show that fear has not deterred you from doing the thing you had to, but has made you perform better.
So, why should the fear of public speaking have a different effect? Decide to take advantage of the fear by preparing yourself better to give out a wonderful public speaking performance.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Public Speaking - A path to Self-Realization

People like to talk. Mobile phone manufacturers will testify to this! But why do we have this craving for speaking. Expressing ourselves is a primary need of human beings. we have an insatiable urge to speak our minds. But mere speaking does not make us satisfied. you will not like to speak, if the other person does not listen to you. So we need to speak and we need someone to listen to us as well. Even our listening to the other could often be a concession we make, since we want the other person to listen to us.

All needs have different levels. Once the basic level of a need is satisfied, we move to the next higher level. So, from speaking to one person, we graduate into taking part in conversations, which we tend to dominate, at the next level.

Public Speaking becomes the ultimate level. What can be more satisfying than our taking the center stage and a group of people listening to us. The larger the group, the greater satisfaction we get. Our satisfaction level keeps going up, as we keep raising our own standards, by continuously striving to become better and better speakers.

So, Public Speaking can be termed the destination for Self Realization.

Friday, August 28, 2009

How to Overcome Stage Fright?

More people have stage fright than they have other fears. The moment you climb on a stage, your body undergoes a transformation. Your heart rate goes up, your pulse rate jumps, your breathing becomes faster, your legs become fragile, your muscles tighten and what more,your tongue gets stuck at the upper palate of your mouth, with your mouth becoming parched. In spite of all these bodily reactions, you still muster some confidence and decide that you are going to make it. But alas, a glance at the audience instantly kills your confidence and puts the stage fright in the driving seat!

Is there a way to overcome the stage fright? Yes, there is. All you need to do is to convert your fear into power. Am I kidding? How can one convert fear into power? Yes, you can. Think of the occasions when you were a part of the audience and were watching someone standing on the dais and speaking. Think of them one by one. Compare yourself to each speaker. You are much better than those people, aren't you? If you are not sure, just create such a thought in your mind. This belief will create miracles.

If you find it difficult to convince yourself that you are better than all of them, then try this. Think of those who were definitely not impressive. You would surely find a few such people. Focus on only those people. You are definitely better than them. If they could make it, then you can. In fact, you can do much better. You will start gaining confidence. And this is only the beginning!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Public Speaking Fears - You don't own them!

Are you one of those people, who harbor public speaking fears? Congratulations. You are in good company. It has been confirmed by several surveys that fear of public speaking ranks very high among the most common universal fears. Are you curious to know where the fear of public speaking fits in the rank list? You will know in a minute. But before that, I would like to ask you one question. What do you think could be the number one fear of people? If you say, it is the fear of death, you are not quite off the mark. Fear of Death ranks second. It could not take the first position because the number one slot gas been occupied by the Fear of Public Speaking!

I don’t know whether the above information has just surprised you or has stunned you into disbelief. But I am sure that it would have given you some relief. After all, you are not alone, afraid even to disclose your public speaking fears. Now you can relax with the comfortable feeling that millions of people all over the world share your fears.

Now that you are relaxed, I can comfort you with another truth. If you are relaxed, you are free from any anxiety and fear. Relaxation is the antithesis of fear, because fear and relaxation cannot exist at the same time. This means that you have already begun to rid yourself of public speaking fears! You may protest saying that you are not in a situation of public speaking now. Very True. What is also true is that there is nothing like a ‘public speaking situation!’ If you are capable of speaking to one person without any fear (exclude your boss for the present! We will rope him/her in later!!), you can speak to 10000 people. In fact, speaking to 10000 people has an advantage over speaking to one person. One obvious advantage is that none of them is going to talk back to you! Focusing on this one advantage alone can help drive out your public speaking fears.

You can convert Public Speaking Fears into Pleasures of Self Realization!