Friday, January 1, 2010

Public Speaking - A path to Self-Realization

People like to talk. Mobile phone manufacturers will testify to this! But why do we have this craving for speaking. Expressing ourselves is a primary need of human beings. we have an insatiable urge to speak our minds. But mere speaking does not make us satisfied. you will not like to speak, if the other person does not listen to you. So we need to speak and we need someone to listen to us as well. Even our listening to the other could often be a concession we make, since we want the other person to listen to us.

All needs have different levels. Once the basic level of a need is satisfied, we move to the next higher level. So, from speaking to one person, we graduate into taking part in conversations, which we tend to dominate, at the next level.

Public Speaking becomes the ultimate level. What can be more satisfying than our taking the center stage and a group of people listening to us. The larger the group, the greater satisfaction we get. Our satisfaction level keeps going up, as we keep raising our own standards, by continuously striving to become better and better speakers.

So, Public Speaking can be termed the destination for Self Realization.

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